About CER

Cambodia Education Review is a bi-lingual (Khmer and English) and bi-annual publication scheduled to be released in June and December every year. It is composed of two main sections: original research and dialogues. Dialogues can be in the forms of book reviews, opinion essays, and policy responses. This Review aims to promote research culture and provide evidence-based research to inform policy formulation and project intervention in Cambodia.

Aim of the Journal

Cambodia Education Review (ISBN 3333-4444) is a policy-driven publication focusing on Cambodia. Long-term observers of Cambodia generally agree that its education landscape has been transformed quite dramatically during the past 25 years or so in terms of both the numbers of schools at each level and the numbers of students across the country. Yet, quality improvement remains uneven across the regions during this period. The changes have been brought mainly by small-scale, project-based interventions introduced and supported by development partners. Subsequently, certain projects have been scaled up nation-wide, but with mixed results due to the different socio-economic contexts across the country. 

In terms of policy formulation and implementation, Cambodia mainly follows global education trends, which sometimes does not reflect local reality. There are numerous